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Gardening: An Excellent Way to Rejuvenate, Close to Mother Nature

Gardening is said to be a fine amalgamation of art and science, and is also considered as one of the most relaxing pastimes by vast section of plant lovers across the world. The sheer joy of looking at your plants and flowers as they bloom and blossom is a great experience, and many gardening enthusiasts claim that tending to your plants is a wonderfully soothing and calming experience that everybody must try. Plant Solutions takes pride in unveiling the most advanced gardening practices and in-sights, exclusively for all plant lovers.


Organic Gardening is one of the most popular gardening techniques of the present age, wherein the focus is laid upon use of natural manures, fertilizers and pesticides, without the use of any chemicals whatsoever. Considering the toxicity of chemicals, it is being increasingly advocated by botanists across the world that organic gardening as a trend needs to be put into practice more frequently than conventional gardening. At Plant Solutions, we will provide you with the best tips and methods involved in numerous facets of organic gardening such as organic lawn care, organic pest control, wildlife gardening and so on and so forth. In case you are interested to find out more, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on our expert helpline.


Vegetative Propagation is a method of gardening followed by horticulturists across the world, wherein there is no requirement of seeds and spores to give rise to new plants, as the same can be acquired through plant cuttings, budding, grafting as well as tissue culture. One can easily apply the method of vegetative propagation to have a thriving garden comprising of rhizomes like Iris, stem cuttings of roses, runners such as strawberry, orchids, gladioli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, ginger and so on and so forth. The process of vegetative propagation is fairly simple and involved very less time, efforts and inputs on part of the gardener. To get to know about the best ways to implement vegetative propagation in simple and successive steps, please register with us to access our extensive knowledge base.


1. It is important for any gardening enthusiast or horticulturist to know the significance of implementing safety procedures while gardening.
2. This includes points such as keeping your back at least risk, as well as preventing any possible injuries during the process of tending to plants.
3. Designing your garden in an extremely simple manner will ensure that its maintenance is least complicated, and does not warrant tedious caretaking, thereby bringing down the chances of accidents and mishaps drastically.
4. It is also important to always make sure that you do not use any electrical equipment during wet weather, even if it has stopped raining temporarily, as it might trigger electric shocks or short circuits.
5. All cutting and pruning equipment needs to be used with extreme care, and utmost precautions.
6. A good and experienced horticulturist knows that a first aid it needs to be kept handy at all times. 

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